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Helpful tips in setting up a home cinema

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an entertainment room at home. As long as you have a comfortable sofa bed or comforter you can set up a home cinema. Start grabbing some popcorns, chocolates and soda for the entire family for a one of a kind movie marathon. A good ambience surely improves the movie experience. Keep the air conditioning system working to keep everyone comfortable throughout the movie. Make sure everything is at hand so you don’t distract anyone from going around to distribute drinks and snacks.

Movie suggestions for movie buffs

You should have movie suggestions lined up already. Get suggestions from everyone in the family. If one or two family members have already watched the movie then you should skip that out. You don’t want spoilers here. Suppose there are kids to watch with you, then choose a kid-friendly movie. Disney movies, animated movies, movies about dogs and animals, friendly giants and those fantasy movies are highly suggested.